HotelHavanaWed001 HotelHavanaWed002 HotelHavanaWed003 HotelHavanaWed004 HotelHavanaWed006 HotelHavanaWed005 HotelHavanaWed007 HotelHavanaWed016 HotelHavanaWed015 HotelHavanaWed014 HotelHavanaWed017 HotelHavanaWed018 HotelHavanaWed019 HotelHavanaWed020 HotelHavanaWed026 HotelHavanaWed024 HotelHavanaWed025 HotelHavanaWed030 HotelHavanaWed031 HotelHavanaWed032 HotelHavanaWed033 HotelHavanaWed034 HotelHavanaWed035 HotelHavanaWed036 HotelHavanaWed037 HotelHavanaWed038 HotelHavanaWed039 HotelHavanaWed040 HotelHavanaWed041 HotelHavanaWed042 HotelHavanaWed043 HotelHavanaWed044 HotelHavanaWed045 HotelHavanaWed046 HotelHavanaWed048 HotelHavanaWed047 HotelHavanaWed051 HotelHavanaWed049 HotelHavanaWed011 HotelHavanaWed050 HotelHavanaWed052 HotelHavanaWed053 HotelHavanaWed054 HotelHavanaWed055 HotelHavanaWed012 HotelHavanaWed056 HotelHavanaWed057 HotelHavanaWed058 HotelHavanaWed059 HotelHavanaWed060 HotelHavanaWed061 HotelHavanaWed062 HotelHavanaWed063 HotelHavanaWed064 HotelHavanaWed065 HotelHavanaWed066 HotelHavanaWed067 HotelHavanaWed068 HotelHavanaWed069 HotelHavanaWed070 HotelHavanaWed071 Lovely small wedding at the Hotel Havana in San Antonio. The Bride grew up here in Texas and met Joe online through their love of music. It wasn’t until she studied abroad that they finally met in Italy and then she decided to study in Glasgow. Steph & Joe said  loved having a small wedding so that everyone had a chance to visit and party in a relaxing manor. After a short ceremony on Marriage Island on the San Antonio River walk- friends and family took the river boat back to the hotel, while we took photos and had to make a stop at their favorite place- Whataburger on our way back for the reception!

Makeup: Viva Voce Makeup (Jamie White)
Cakes and Small Treats: Bird Bakery
Mexican Wedding Cookies: HEB

Rings: Fraser Heart (Bernstone’s in Glasgow)

Heart Heels: Bhldn 
Heart Flats: ASOS 
Reception: Hotel Havana 

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